I have decided to create this blog for a number of reasons:

1. To keep reminding myself of the purpose of this trip, bearing in mind all the effort I’ve put to make it happen,

2. To make sure I do not waste my time, intoxicated by the beauty of the places I am going to – I plan to produce a regular writing and visual proof of the work done,

3. To keep my friends updated about my whereabouts, when possible, and to share with them what can be shared.

By not fulfilling these tasks, I will make myself aware of potential failure of the aims undertaken, which might be  – nevertheless – considered as a part of creative process. I hope to open my eyes to things we fail to see in everyday busy life, but I also want to spent this time with myself, and not only explore far away lands, but also look back at my own convictions and believes. It is time for a hard work, but also time to reconnect with myself. I want to meet the two opposite poles: self discipline and freedom of following my dreams. This is my way of achieving what I want.

This blog is about my travel, research work, and self-discovery.