This will be my fourth visit to Colombia. Country discouraging potential visitors just by sound of its name. And yet – one of the most beautiful places I have been to, and I have visited couple of other places. It would be nonsense, of course, if I argued that this is the safest holiday place for families, although ‘nie taki diabeł straszny, jak go malują, as we say in Poland. I dare to base my opinions on my own experience, not by blindly inheriting external beliefs. One thing that slightly irritates me in modern society, is that people either do crazy things with no responsibility for the consequences, or become so careful that fear of anything beyond ‘normal’ paralyzes them and prevent from doing anything adventurous at all. Where are the brave, but responsible people? Adventurous, but not stupid? We, who go to Colombia to explore its beauty, not to get ourselves kidnapped or placed in jail. 

To analyze the situation we will always have to rely on opinions of others, to some extend, but what should never be given up is critical thinking. I consider critical thinking to be absolutely essential. It is like digestion: if you want to have any benefit from the food you eat – you must digest it. You cannot just swallow it all and excrete soon after. You cannot read somebody’s else opinion and pronounce it yours, without even trying to apply your own point of view, ideally gained by your own experience. We all know Colombia’s bad fame for it’s drug trafficking, guerrillas and corruption. But it is also a country that has a lot to offer. And you’ll not necessarily hear about it on the news in Europe, because it is not ‘attractive enough’ for the sensation-hungry career-driven journalists. I do want to promote this other side. I do want to bring here some good Colombian cinema, which treats other subjects, rather than the usual drug and war related. By doing that I am not naive enough to deny the darker side of Colombian reality. But I will do my best to brighten it up, by bringing some light of knowledge of the subject.  


Suitcase full of equipment (no space for clothes, sorry ;), time for a little nap and off to the airport.