As hopefully some of you might have noticed, there was no blog for past three days. Well, there is a reason behind it. Let me reveal it now. The reason is a good-bad news I have received, right in the middle of a wonderful day, which (the news) almost made me cancel the blog completely, and cease any communication for some time. Let me explain a concept of good-bad news first. Good-badd news is effectively a good news, which – thanks to our egocentric thinking – is interpreted as a bad news. The best example would be: a good friend of you, with whom you like spending time, receives an opportunity of doing something exciting in another part of the world, and decides to leave. Your first reaction: you feel betrayed, forlorn and desolated. You wallow in desperation and think only about how unhappy you are. You completely ignore the fact that this might be a great opportunity for your friend, or something which makes him/her genuinely happy. Depending on your character – it might lead to gradual cooling of your relations, and as final result – completely destroy your friendship. But what if you – before plunging into desperation – think, and try to calmly asses the situation from both sides, keeping in mind your friend interest, not only your own ego, and the fact that your friend might actually need you now more than ever?

Without going into details – a similar good bad news fell on me out of the blue, completely destroying my harmony for a moment. I indulged myself in passionate weep, which lasted day and night non stop, regardless if I was in the transport, on the street or in the cinema (needles to mention that I have no idea whatsoever what the film was about). The weep became hysterical at night, and I woke up with eyes so swollen, that I could hardly see, and doing a make up was an impossible task. Funny enough that day I happen to have several important meetings, one at the university and the other with the organizers of the festival I am supposed to work with. Day before I simply ignored all the meetings I had, without even notifying anyone, and got lost in the city loitering for hours with no aim. I might have looked quite miserable, and having passed so much water through my eyes – it completely washed all the color (is it a salt in tears??), and my eyes became almost transparent. When I looked at the mirror in the morning, I realized I could almost see through my eyes. I was stopped by several random people on a bus or on the street, asking what happened with my eyes. It must have been a scary view: an alien, with transparent, watery green eyes you could see through. From the other hand I haven’t cried for such a long time that I have almost forgot the relief it brings. Interestingly enough, what happened later on the same day, resulted to be one of the most interesting days in a very long time, and the night – one of the funniest one. Impossible to write about it in few words, so more about it in a next entry, hopefully before I head off to wild places without Internet. (and there is loooot to write about!!!! 🙂

Lesson: (which happily is nothing new to me) the best thing you can do is to try to change bad energy or bad emotions into good one. Always. This alchemy is one of the most beautiful things you can experience, and in that sense there is no bad thing which couldn’t be taken as a good one. Just have your eyes open, be attentive, have distance to your ego and do not disperse you energy for anger or sadness, transform it into something constructive and it will come back with massive gooseflesh on your skin.

Till next time! 😉