Throughout my life I have learnt that [warning! A cheesy truism is about to follow] if you REALLY want something, it simply happens. But you need to put all your heart in wanting. You need to really FEEL it.

Japan was always one of these places I WANTED to visit. But I also knew that it’s really not a right time for me to do it now. Being in the middle of my PhD (or, I’d like to believe, almost by the final stage of it), self-funded, and therefore working, doing all the other stuff I do (Krav Maga, Italian classes and million other things), I knew I simply cannot allow myself yet another distraction and financial strain.

And here it is, a friendly art agency, which has already exhibited my work in Barcelona, Amsterdam and Barcelona once again, sends me an email about the Tokyo art show… And I simply can’t justify any excuses. It must be done. And since I booked my flight, ticket for the sumo tournament, and a seat for a ride on a bullet train towards the Mount Fuji, all the things I do seem to have some small link to Japan. Of funny links of my to Japan. Like stumbling across the ‘Y’am-Agata’ place on a map of Japan…

YamagataThis modest blog will be updated throughout all the travels. Japan is being directly followed by a two-weeks long drive around Sicily. Later on this year I’ll take you for three months to Colombia, and to some divine corners of Mexico. Ah, let’s not forget about the Polish mountains Till then!