In order to start to understand your flesh and your soul, you need to travel far away, alone, and for a decent period of time. It brings wonderful surprises on a way, but also requires a decent dose of humility, as you will need to learn to leave things behind. your hair, your shoes, pieces of your soul. But if you liberate yourself from all the sorrows, unknown to nomads – the harmony you will find will be truly blissful. 


The heat that welcomes you once you get off the bus in Santa Marta is truly orgazmic. It paralyzes your limbs and it spreads all around your body, not leaving you any other option but to succumb. I adore this heat. It takes me to another level of happiness. 


Again I have many doubts if I should continue this blog or not. There is so many things I feel I shouldn’t write, so many things passing through my mind which are so irrelevant to the principal purpose of this blog, but at the same time  –  so important for me. And this blog becomes incomplete or completely off-point. It looks like the heat has increased my perception, or maybe its the length of this journey which lets me ponder on things I never have time to ponder on. I concentrate on little silly things, as these little silly things seem to me more important than anything else now. Like for example this view I have now:


wonderful caribbean see, mountains, palms, beach – for years I have been dreaming to have a view like this when I write. I would imagine it so intensely, that I could feel the breeze on my skin. I did’t know where to find this place. It looks I have found it, I am here now. The  only problem is that in my dreams I was to stay here for at least a year. In reality I don’t seem to have that much time. And here I will reveal one of the things I don’t really want to write about too much: I am very (!!!) seriously considering the option of staying in Colombia for a longer period of time: a year, maybe two or even three. I am actually taking some shy steps towards organizing it, although it it nothing serious yet. But this idea is planted in my head and starts to grow slow roots. There are few reasons behind this yet untaken decision, one of them being: I love this country. I have this insane feeling I belong here. I have a feeling I have some unfinished job to do here. I always joked that in my previous incarnation I was an Indigenous woman on this terrain, and I was prematurely killed. Therefore my obsession with indigenous world now, and my crazy need to do what I did’t manage to do then. It came as a revelation when in January this year I was looking at the map of indigenous communities with Hector Buitrago, in his beautiful apartment with most amazing view on Bogota, and to our huge laugh we have found a distinct tribe of Agataes (sic!!!!!!!) who lived on this terrain some 5-6 centuries ago. We dived straight into Internet to hunt for some more information, but the only thing we could find was a two lines note on hungarian wikipedia!!! Nothing else!!! It looks like nobody knows of Agataes!!!! My eyes were glowing with excitement when I have discovered it. Maybe this is my task??


Every time I come here – it’s a journey full of surprises of this kind. If I wanted to write them all down – this blog would be endless flow…


Lets keep it short today: I want to enjoy my view before head off to explore la Ciudad Perdida. Even before I go there I already know it will be a wonderful, wonderful adventure. I shall come back with bunch of nice photos and inolvidable memories! 🙂